Your initial appointment will consist of an examination and consultation explaining your diagnosis and treatment options. Depending on the recommeded course of treatment and the condition of your tooth, we will most likely start and complete your treatment in the same day. Some endodontic procedures, such as surgery or complicated retreatments may require additional time and will need to be scheduled for a different day.

To help us make the proper appointment it is helpful to know the following information:

  • Referral slip indicating the tooth involved
  • If you are required to be pre-medicated with antibiotics for a heart murmur, hip or joint replacement or other conditions
  • If you are currently on any medication
  • If you have had previous root canal treatment or if root canal treatment has been attempted on the tooth in question
  • If the patient is a minor, a parent or legal guardian must be present at the appointment
  • If you will be using dental insurance, please have the following information available:
    • Dental Insurance company
    • Subscriber social security in-the-news or Subscriber ID
    • Group in-the-news
    • Plan type
    • Subscriber’s employer
  • If you have dual insurance (2 dental insurance plans) we will need the above information for both plans.

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Our Latest Patient Testimonial

Dr Ross Ryan was a true professional. He provided a thorough review of my tooth abcess. He explained all of the alternative treatment options of which was out of his expertise. I appreciated his honesty.

- Cindy G

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Our Latest Patient Testimonial

the very best in every way

- debra k

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